Smoky eyes makeup for brown eyes

Smoky eyes makeup for brown eyes

In brown eye every color shade is suits.  Because brown eyes has naturally eyes.  Mostly people have brown eyes.  About 80 to 85 % people have brown eyes. 

Smoky eyes looks is very pretty but in every lady eyes not suit that color.  In brown eyes every shade color matches them or suits them.  But in any other eyes blue or green not match this color. 

As we know about the smoky eyes, smoky eyes are very popular among people.  Every lady would like to apply the smoky makeup on their eyes.

Because smoky makeup is very popular among ladies or it would look like a beautiful on every eyes.  So before apply the any make on your eyes, first of all clean your eyes first.  

So prepare your face properly before apply any makeup products. 

Get ready your face for smoky eyes

  1. Wash and dry your face

Before apply the any makeup product in to your face, first wash your face and dry them clearly.  You want your canvas to be perfect, before apply your smoky eyes makeup.  Use the cleansing cream or any best described soap.  Remember that thing you must clean your makeup at the end of the day.  If you not remove your makeup at the night or overnight then a skin problem can affect you, such as “acne”. 

  • Apply the primer or moisturizer

Make sure that thing that you have a perfect canvas before applying the or putting on makeup.

  • By the use of your finger apply the moisturizer in to your skin.  You must apply the moisturizer properly that would help your makeup to adhere with skin and keeps a look fresh for a longer time. 
  • After apply the moisturizer in your face then apply the primer according to your skin shade that gives you a natural look. 
  • After apply the primer on to your face them apply the primer on your eyes also.  That also gives you a natural or a pretty look.  Make sure that thing your primer is same on all the face. 
  • Curl your eyelashes

By the help of curling tool, curl your eyelashes.  Hold it there for 5 to 6 second.  Curl your eyelashes and make your eyes more prominent or gives you a natural looks.  That makes or enhances your makeup. 

You may also do this step after applying the eyeliner.  But make sure that you must apply before mascara to prevent your clumping and breakage. 

  • Wear your usual or non- eye makeup

Before you adding the eye shadow, your skin or face make up should be finished.  Start the makeup with foundation and also with concealed.  After that apply the brush or a bronze

  • Perfect your eyebrows

Make sure that your eyebrows will also be perfect because your eyebrows will be framing of your smoky eyes.  You must want to make sure that they are flawless, and bold.  That makes your smoky makeup enhance more. 

Choose the perfect thing to make your eyebrows.  That makes or gives you a natural look. 

Creating a smoky makeup

  1. Apply a neutral  eye shadow all over your eyelid

Apply the primer on to your skin. Then apply this on all the skin with the help of brush.  You can also apply some powder on your eyelid or in the skin.  That will give you a better result.  That will give you a natural skin tone.  This entire thing keeps you a natural skin. 

  • Apply a shade

Pick that eye shadow tone that give you a natural looks or match your shade with your brown eyes.  Such as for purple, blue or a green eyes.  So with the help of brush you may apply on your skin.   

Yellow and orange shade gives you a great smoky look. 

  • Apply the eye shade

With the help of eye shadow brush, apply the dark color on your upper eyelid.  Apply that color in such a way that gives us a modified v shaped. 

After apply that color, removes the excess or extra eye shadow that spread under the eyes or on other area on face. 

  • Use the dark color for your eye shadow
  • Apply the cream eye shadow
  • You can also use the eyeliner or pencil
  • Blend your eye shadow

With the help of blending brush, blend your eye shade on your eyes. Blend your eye shadow with your natural skin tone.                        Make sure gently blend your eye shades with your natural skin tone.  With a fresh brush, make this buffing motion at your eyes crease.  Stop about halfway between your crease and your eyebrows. 

  • Highlight your eyebrows

Pick up the third very light shadow to use as a highlighter. This can be a shimmery metallic nude.  You can also apply the slash of eye shadow color that provides you enhance your eye color. 

  • Now apply the dot of shimmer shadow on to the center of your eyelid, hat called harlequining. 
  • Apply eyeliner

Select your best eyeliner that suit on to your eyes.  But according to my suggestion pencil eyeliner work a best as compared to any other liquid eyeliner. 

  • Starting to apply the eyeliner with the set of your nose outer edge.
  • Apply the eyeliner to the outer third of your lower lash.  Connect the upper and the lower end together. 
  • Blend your eyeliner with the smudging tool. 
  • Gives the finishing look

Gives the finish looks to your eyes with the help of mascara. 

  • Apply 2 -3 coat of black mascara on your upper aye lashes.
  • You can also apply the mascara to the outer half of your lower lashes.  For a better result or gorgeous look. 
  • If your eyelashes become clumping, separate them with a lash comb.  

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