How to selects the best colors of nails polish

How to selects the best colors of nails polish

Nails polish is a best part of the fashion because it increases the beauty of the hand.  It is an important part of the fashion.  The selection of the nail polish is an important thing.  We should select the colors of the nails polish according to our skin tones. The skin tone is an important thing that can effects the personality of the hands if the colors of the nails polish is not good or not according to skin tones.  There are many ways that can help us to select the nails polish colors.  These ways are very beneficial to select the best colors according to the skin tones.  These important ways are following:

  • Skin tone
  • Hands shapes
  • Nails shapes
  • Dressing styles
  • Dressing colors
  • Skin tone:

The first and for most important element to select a nails polish color is skin tones.  Every tones suited different colors that can enhance the personality and beauty of the hands.

  • Colors for dark tone:

There are many colors for dark tones.  If the skin colors are dark the selection of the nails polish such is very selective.  The females with dark tones should choose light colors or bright dark colors. The light colors will give the unique and decent look to their hand. The bright dark color like green and other colors for this kind gives beauty to this tone and it will prominent.

  • Colors for brown tone:

Brown tone is a very unique tone.  It is considered as the most attractive tone of the world because everything suited on this color.  The light color of the nails polish is considered as best colors for the brown tones.  The colors like brown and light pink are the best colors for the brown color.

  • Colors for the bright tone:

Bright tone is a most prominent color and it is also a unique and pretty color because it gives beauty.  All bright colors are best for the bright tones.  The darks and bright colors are considered as the best colors for the bright tones.

  • Hands shapes:

Hands shapes is also a one of the important element for the selection of the best nails polish colors because the shapes f the hands matters a lot.   There are many shapes of the hands.  These shapes are following:

  • Colors for long hands and flat fingers;

Long hands are very attractive hands and long fingers are also very attractive.  The dark and bright colors suited such shapes of fingers and hands.  So the females that have long hand and flat fingers can choose dark and bright colors.

  • Colors for short fingers and short hands:

The shapes of the hands are important because it increase and decrease the personality.  The females with short hand and short fingers should choose choose such colors that can gives long shapes to their hands. The light colors like pink and dark colors are best for these hands.

  • Nails shapes:

Nails shapes are considered as the most prominent element for the selection of nails polish.  There are many types of nails shapes like coffin shapes, squares shapes, round shapes, squoval shapes and many other shapes.  One can adopted shapes according to its own hands shapes but the most important thing is that if the nails shapes are long than bright colors will be best for these types of hand.  But if the nails shapes is short than light colors will be best for these hands.

  • Dressing styles:

Dressing styles and dressing colors is also a unique feature for the selection of the nails polish.  Usually female‚Äôs gives or buy nails polish according to their dressing styles and dressing colors.  If the color of the dress is bright than the selection of the nails polish will also be bright and vice versa but this is a wrong concept.  The other colors rather than the dress colors looks beautiful on your nails if they matched to their skin tone. 

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