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Fancy dresses for girls

Fancy dress is defined as “an unusual or amusing dress worn on any special event to look like pretty” is known as fancy dress.  So girls are more likely to wear the fancy dresses.  On any special occasion she wants to wear a good looking or special dress which looks like pretty.  Every girl wants to look like pretty for that reason she wears a pretty dress. 

On different occasion girls wear different type of dress as she wants to wear.  As we know that they choose the best and costly dress which they desire to wear it.  As we know that girls are very choosey about the selection of her dress so they need to take the suggestion of other people also. 

As we know that in our industry mush designing cloth are required for girls.  Every designer work for girls design more and more.  The reason is that because girls are required or demand more dress and girl’s dresses are more sale.  So that way in our market girls designer are more and they do more work in the girl’s dresses and embroidery.  Small baby girl dresses are also very common among industry.  So now we will discuss much dress of girls:

  1. Velvet dress with jamawar trouser

This unique dress is very common in Pakistan and many people like to but this dress.  This dress has great looking and gives a charming look.  Mostly girls like to buy this type of dresses.  In this dress have a great embroidery and it fabric is also very attractive and beautiful.  This dress gives to a great or attractive look among the function or any special occasions.  So a girl must buy this dress.  Its color is mehronish or with the skin jamawar trouser.  You may also change this color as you want if you don’t like this color.  

  • Navy blue chiffon dress

This dress also contains unique embroidery and it has unique and attractive color.  This type of color is mostly like the girls.  That color is favorite one of many girls.  It is the wedding liking dress and you must wear this dress in any wedding.  Many other girls also ask you where you buy this dress.  its color is very attractive.  Many girls like this dress to wear in any wedding or any other occasions. 

  • Chiffon dress with silk trouser

This chiffon dress is also containing embroidery and with contain silk trouser.  Embroidery is common in much dress because girls like the embroidery more and more.  As we know that silk trouser is very soft and good looking.  This dress is very common among many girls.  it price is very low and not very costly. 

  • Black chiffon maxi dress with embroidery

This dress contains unique embroidery and its color is black and it contains unique embroidery.  This black maxi dress is very popular among many people and also common in Pakistan.  This type of dress is very common in many girls.  This contains the black dress with the golden embroidery.  This is the only dress color that suit in every skin tone.  So you must buy this dress and must try this dress in any occasions. 

  • Grey net dress with silk trouser

This is the best dress if you wear this dress in the party or any other occasion.  This dress gives you a unique look.  This is favorite color of many girls.  It contains the silk trouser with a lot of comfort.  As we know thgta net dresses is very common among girls.  Girls mostly want to wear the net dresses and also with net dopatta. 

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