Eyebrow shape for round face and small eyes

Eyebrow shape for round face and small eyes

As we know that it is difficult to choose the right one eyebrow shape according to your face cut.  So you must careful about your eyebrows shape.  Do not try so many eyebrows on your face.  This act can spoil your face cut.  Take the right one eyebrow in your face, making them, looks prominent and delicate.  They play a big role on your face. 

Arch height

  • High arch
  • Medium arch
  • Low arch
  • Straight arch

The high arch is prominently lifted.  The low arch is shallow and lowery lifted.  The medium arch is lifted but not a prominently.  The straight arch is flat, not a lifted. 

Round shape face

If your face is round they try to adopt that eyebrow that gives you a longer or less circular face.  Rounded faces people try to make their face less round and a longer one.  In the round face, you may choose the several shapes of eyebrows like:

  • Soft angles shape
  • Hard angles shape
  • Curves angles shape
  • S  shape

Diamond shape face

A diamond shape face is balanced, angular, and gives soft angles.  That face must choose the soft eyebrows with a curved or soft arch.  That face gives you a best look. That shape will enhance your features more as any other face. 

Heart shape face

That shape gives you a delicate looks.  Moreover those shapes enhance your features more prominently.  That shape creates the too much attention on your fore head.  That shape provides you an amazing look on to your face. 

Square shape face

A soft angled shape must suit on the square shape face.  That shape helps you to enhance your features.  That gives you an attention look among people and many occasions.  A square shape face may choose the soft angles shape and also a curved shape. 

Pear shape face

If your face cut is pear shape then you must choose the medium arch height eyebrows and extended the tail on the fore head. 

Long face shape

Long face cut also gives you an impressive face cut.  It gives you an attractive look.  It gives you an attractive look among people.  That looks like an impressive person whose face cut is long. 

Oblong face shape

It has a long face that gives you an attractive look.  A shallow arch height will have shortens the face.  It has an impressive look. 

So all this above discussion give you a lot of benefits.  With the help of this article you can choose the right one shape. 

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