Eye brow shape for square face

Eye brow shape for square face

Square face has strong and defined angled, with the side of the face being quite and straight.  A lifted arch and lengthened tail helps you to elongate your face. As we know that eyebrows are very important for every person face shape that makes the personality.  How can you determine your face cut or shape of eye brows?

Square shape face

Square shapes have small width at their jaws and with sharp square jaw line.  A round face also has the same width and a forehead shape.  But in round face no strong features is prominent and chin is not pointed. 

Square shapes have a prominent jaw line and also have a pointed chin. 

So there are many eye brows that were suit for a square face but now we describe the only three eyebrows for a square face. 

  1. Angled eye brow shape

There are two angled eyebrows are present hard and a soft angled eyebrows.  The soft angled shape has soft curves and peaks.  There shape can be low, medium and high arches.  The hard angled shape makes your appearance young.  The people who have short faces would try to those eyebrows. 

The hard and the soft angled shape give your face a delicate look.  The shape is straight and gives you a delicate look. 

  • Soft eye brows shape

There shape is soft not to be round.  You may have low medium, and a high arches.  You may also have thin and thick angled eyebrows.  You must choose the thick eyebrow shape for square face.  If your face is square shape, then it is best to avoid the hard angled shape eyebrows. 

So a soft angled shape gives you a beautiful look if you adopt it.  You must choose that eyebrow that shape chooses in your square face.  A soft angled shape makes you a soft and delicate shape that suit in to your face. 

  • Curved angled shape

The curved eyebrows shape also called the s shaped eyebrows.  That shape is slightly similar to the soft angled shape.  This shape begins with the slight curved line.  That shape makes your face longer than unusual.  And also form the rounded curve at the angle of eyebrow. 

In the first you can sketch you eyebrow with the pencil then after that you give the shape of your eyebrows. 

Basically s shape eyebrows have a medium to a high arches.  A slight curved should be created in this shape.  The eyebrows should be form straight toward the nose.  This shape can give a perfect look for the square shapes face.  So according to this given instructions you may choose the best eyebrows that suit on to your face.  These are the three best eyebrows that would suit on the square face shaped ladies.  Eyebrow plays a major role on your face when you apply the make-up on your face.  So you should care about that to must care your face.  You must choose the best one eyebrows shape that give you a delicate look

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