Eye brow shape for round face

Eye brow shape for round face

As we know that thing eyebrows are the important part of our face.  Eyebrow gives us a attractive look.  Eyebrows make your personality improve or charm. 

So we must keep care our self.  In our face the most prominent part is eyebrows.  So we must know that thing which shape of eyebrow do you like and suit on to your face. 

The shape of your eyebrow can affect you and your personality.  The eyebrows color or shape also changes your personality. 

Keeping in your mind that eyebrow shape you give your eyes must suit or match on to your face. 

For a round face, there is a lack of angles on your face, which makes you look broader than a usual.  And the chin is a bit rounded off.  That gives you a look of fatter and fuller but this can be fixed with the help of few tits or tricks. 

Now here we will discuss here some eye brows shape. 

Eyebrow for round shape

You must choose that eyebrow that gives a gorgeous look and also enhance your features.  You can also use the traditional techniques of giving shape of your eyebrows.                                                                                                                               You should be careful during giving the shape of your eye brows because the wrong shape can give you a dull look and spoil your personality. 

During giving the shape of your eyebrows, if any cut is occur in the face then the face look create a dull. 

When you apply the makeup on to your face, then that will provide a prominent your eyebrows.  So you should care about your eyebrows shape. 

In general there are six eyebrows present here and mostly people use them to give the shape on to their face. 

  • Rounded shape
  • Curved shape
  • Hard shape
  • Flat shape
  • Soft shape

So you choose the best eyebrow shape for your eyes. 

  1. Hard angled shape

For a round shaped face it is important to elongate your face a much as possible. So this can be done with the help of sharp or high arch that was best described for best eyebrows. 

First you draw your sketch with the pencil on your eyebrow that helps you to giving the shape of your eyebrows. 

  • Soft angled shape

The soft angled shape has soft peaks or curved shape.  This shape can have low and high arches.                                                                                                     

  Woman can feel uncomfortable for high arches then they use the soft angles shape.                                                                                                                   

  The hard angled shapes give you a younger look.  But the soft angled shape gives you a soft look. 

That looks give a person to be younger of using the hard shape. 

  • S shape

S shape gives you a soft angled shape and makes a look fresh.                                  That shape makes the round face to be longer then they give you a better looks.                                                                                                                                    

   This shape is called s shaped or looks a softer to anybody.  The s shape makes your eyebrows to be straight or curved. 

  • Flat shape

Flat shape also gives you a unique look according to your face cut.  Flat shape eyebrows most common in the average age women’s. 

So you should keep you care yourself by knowing your shape of your eyebrows. 

Tips to make your eye brows

  • For giving a natural look using a dark pencil fill up the gaps in to your eye brows. 
  • Apply the powder on to your eyebrows to remove the excessive oil from the eye brow.  You can do it after shaping your eyebrows.
  • Apply brush on to your eyebrows and gently massage it with your finger for increasing the blood circulations. 
  • Gently apply the moisturizer on your eyebrow that helps you for reducing the hair fall.  The best moisturizers that use in the eyebrow are ginger juice. 
  • You can remove your unwanted hairs on eyebrow but gently avoid over removing, that may result a permanent damage. 

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