Best style earrings for round face

Best style earrings for round face

 The shape of the face decides everything of your mouth like make up, dresses styles and jewelry.  The earrings are also an important thing or element that is used by women.  But the selection of the earnings should be very unique.   sometimes females choice  earning that are totally miss match to their face shape and when it wears t gives a heavy and awful look to them.  So we should have such selection that will totally match to their face. The face shape is an important element to select earrings.  We should choice such earning that is total fits to our face.  The round faces usually have problem to selects the earning because if earning.  If your face is rounded shape than you should choose hoop earnings look.  It will give a unique look.  The hoop earnings look is best earrings for round face.  It not only gives a unique look to every round face but also hides your cubby or round face and gives a unique look that is a little oval look.  If your face is too much rounded than you should also try for oval shape earrings.  It will give a small oval look and will compensate it.  So we can say that two types of earrings that are hop earrings look and oval shape earnings are best for rounded shape face.

Why the hoop look earrings are best for round face:

Hoop look earrings are usually wide shape or large earring .These earnings are very best for the round shape or round face.  By using hoop look earning one contain a unique and compensate look.  I the face is round should also contain a small oval element that is very good thing or a very good element for a round face. The hoop look earning gives a small oval look to round face that’s why hoop look earnings are the best for round face because it gives complete look to round face. 

Oval shape earnings for round face:

Oval shape earning are also very unique or good for round shape face.  The round shape face is circular and the oval shape earning gives a unique look to the round or circular face. So we can say that the oval shape earning are very best and unique for the circular and round shape face. 

Drop earnings are the best fpor round face:

The drop earningare csider to be ever best for round or circular because it gives a val r broder look to over rounded face. These alos gives a complete or compensate look to every roud face anmd easily fit n it.

Ear thread:

Ear thread is also a very unique type of earring for round face.  These earrings are larger or long in length and also give a small lengthy look to over circular face.  So we have to selects the lengthy earnings like ear thread for a round face because it not only gives lengthy look but also gives enhance the beauty of the round face. 

Dangle earrings:

These earning are also lengthy in shape and also gives a unique look to round face. The dangle earning also gives a small lengthy and oval look to over circular face.  So we can say that the rounded face can also select the dangle earrings.

Narrow chandelier earrings:

The shape of the narrow chandelier earrings is also lengthy in shape. These are also too much important and unique for the circular and oval face.  The female with round face can also select these types of earrings these are very best and unique for round or circular face.

Earning that should not use by round face:

There are many types of earrings that can disturb the personality of the round face and also gives n awful look to the round face so we have to keep in mind that we should select the earrings carefully.   We should not select small sized earrings like button earning and circular earrings.  The hoop earrings are also circular and are not consider as a good article for the round face. 

Button earrings:

These types of earrings are not good for round face because the round face is already round or circular so we cannot use circular earrings on this face because it will gives a chubby or awful look.

Rounded earrings:

Round faces females should not follow the round earring because their face is already round or circular and if she wears the rounded earrings it will gives them an awful look.  So we can say that the females with rounded face  should not follow round earrings.

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